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Congratulations SAGE 2012 Contest Winners!

Congratulations to RGXZERO, SonicGenesis89, and Goshi68 for winning in our time attack contest smile. We will e-mail you shortly to confirm your e-mail addresses so we can send you your prizes! Thanks to everyone who competed!

Sparkling Seaside
Combined time: 01:28.68!
Act 1: 00:32.35
Act 2: 00:36.85
Act 3: 00:19.48

Relic Retreat
Combined time: 03:25.92
Act 1: 01:18.60
Act 2: 01:04.15
Act 3: 01:03.17

Polar Peak
Player: Goshi68
Combined time: 06:36.19
Act 1: 02:08.51
Act 2: 03:27.32
Act 3: 01:00.36

Posted on 2012 Aug 13 by Gamerdude
SAGE 2012!

A quick update!

As some of you might have seen, SAGE 2012 is set to start August 6th! The Emerald Team (that's our new team name, by the way!) is very excited and are working hard to ensure we get Emerald Ties ready for the event. No spoilers for now, sorry folks :)! But rest assured we're doing our best to make sure Emerald Ties is polished. We hope you enjoy it this year.

Posted on 2012 Jun 05 by Gamerdude
Emerald Ties Revived

We posted on Sonic Fan Games HQ awhile back revealing that Emerald Ties is back in production. I know we have posted here in the past stating that we weren't quite dead or that we've taken some time off but are now working. While not untrue, we were essentially not developing any more outside of very small bursts of activity. We had lost all of our steam to work on Emerald Ties.

Now, we are back and have been working strongly for a few months now. As you might have noticed, the game name has been changed (shorten, actually) to just Emerald Ties. The old title was quite lengthy and unnecessary smile. We've polished up just about everything we had when we stopped, from the levels to the engine. The game feels much better than it did back in 2007/2008 as far as the engine is concerned. We're all very pleased with how we've progressed in the past few months. We're currently pushing to create some new levels. Currently in the works is Polar Peak Zone and a remake of Sparkling Seaside Zone. While Sparkling Seaside Zone isn't technically a brand new zone, the old version of this zone was certainly starting to show it's age.

We will keep updating when we have things to show. For now, here's a few screenshots of what we've been working on (still unfinished):

New title screen:

Sparkling Seaside Zone:

Polar Peak Zone:

Posted on 2012 Mar 25 by Gamerdude
Dead? Not exactly
After SAGE ended last year and school started back up, activity on ETCF dwindled. I dabbled here and there with the engine, randomly adding new gimmicks as well as tweaks to make it more efficient, but no notable progress to report on. However, we do intend to make SAGE again this year (albeit, we are not registered yet since I would like to wait until we have some more progress made before committing). We intend to deliver at least one new level. It is one you may have seen a screenshot or two of before, but it will look a bit different ;). I'll report back when I have more details closer to the time of SAGE.
Posted on 2009 May 07 by Gamerdude
Another demo fix
Another fix has been added to the ETCF demo. Luckily, you aren't required to download it as it was minor fixes.

Changes include the following:
-When you die before hitting a checkpoint in RRZ Act 2's Second Part, the timer resets to 0. It has been fixed now.
-The "knuckles recolor" in the intro has been completely redesigned. (Ew recolors...about time!)
-The time attack' times didn't display properly. That has been fixed aswell.

Once again, you don't need to download the new fix for those who are probably finding redownloading the game again to be annoying.
Posted on 2008 Aug 20 by Naoshi

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